Handy tips on operation and maintenance when using an EASYPRINT thermal transfer printer

What ribbon do EASYPRINT printers use?

EASYPRINT Thermal transfer printers use dry ink coated ribbons which are stable and non-hazardous.

What can EASYPRINT printers print?

EASYPRINT printers can print variable data, text, logos and machine readable codes at 300 dpi print quality.

What type of packaging can EASYPRINT printers print onto?

EASYPRINT printers are the ideal coding technology for flexible packaging such as bags, pouches and labels.

How does an EASYPRINT printer mount to my packaging line?

A complete range of brackets are available for simple integration to your existing packaging machine.

How do I find out more?

Go to the find a distributor page and contact your local distributor.

Where can I buy spares and consumables for my EASYPRINT TTO printer?

All spares and consumables are available through our network of distributors, who can also offer service and technical support.