Low Cost

Low cost of ownership ribbon economy

COMPACT 32c and 53c continue to offer reduced Total Cost of Ownership compared to other comparable thermal transfer printers. Our patented ribbon economy system that allows for ribbon savings of up to 60% further reduces operating costs and increases printhead life.

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Versatile performance

Two printhead width options, 300 DPI printing, 750mm/s print speed

The Compact 32C/53C offers you the coding capability you need now, while allowing you to increase production capacities. And have the option to meet the future coding requirements that your customers may ask for.

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Ease of use

No controller required

It is available with an optional, simple to use Compact Touchscreen interface or can be used with existing OEM interfaces or PCs (IE 6+ or Firefox) without the need for additional software.

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Ideal replacement

Retrofit and performance

The compact Series of printers have been designed to allow you to upgrade to the latest generation of TTO printers quickly and cost effectively. The compact size can utilise existing coder brackets, while the all electric operation allows you to quickly set up the printer quickly so minimising the impact to your production.

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All EASYPRINT models will print 2D barcodes in 300 dpi high quality.