Solutions by Flexible Packaging Host Machines

At EASYPRINT, we say that if the material is flexible, then we can print on it. Our thermal transfer printers have been installed on lots of different packaging machines and label applicators.

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Solutions by host machine

Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machines (VFFS)

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Often referred to as baggers, Thermal Transfer overprinting is the ideal coding option for VFFS applications. The intermittent motion of these machines allows EASYPRINT printers to print when the material is stationary, giving clear best before dates, lot codes, and if needed barcodes.

Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Machines (HFFS)

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With a continuous motion print of up to 750mm/s for the compact series and 1400mm/s for the Communicator II, EASYPRINT can provide printers to easily keep up with most horizontal wrapping applications. With both ribbon economy and ribbon retraction each EASYPRINT printer can be optimised to allow you to get the most prints from your ribbon roll.

Blister Packing Machines

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Whether you need full pack design or just a lot and expiry date EASYPRINT printers can print on the coated aluminium foils found on the top of blister packs for tablets and other pharmaceutical applications. For full pack design the Communicator II offers a 128mm wide printhead option that can print logos directly onto the substrate. If you only need a small date code then the Compact Series is ideal with its 32mm printhead option.

Tray Sealers

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Whether your Tray sealer runs in continuous or intermittent mode, has single or multiple lanes EASYPRINT printers can be used. Simple linking of printers to a single controller makes multiple lane applications simple to both install and use.

Label Applicators

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Even though most labels are pre-printed, variable information needs printing on the label during the production process. The compact size of our EASYPRINT thermal transfer printers means they are easy to install on a label applicator – so you don’t have to compromise the speed of your labelling device.

Affordable entry level hot stamp replacement

Compact 32D

Perfect replacement coding solution for labels and flexible films

Compact 32C & 53C

Efficient high volume large print area manufacturing

Communicator II