EASYPRINT specialises in thermal transfer printing technology which is  the ideal solution when printing onto polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), paper, labels, tyvek and other flexible packaging materials.  We provide a comprehensive range of high-speed thermal transfer printers for Intermittent and Continuous motion vertical and horizontal packaging machinery, thermal forming machines and labellers. EASYPRINT printers offer a number of cost saving features including ribbon economy, and all electric operation of the Compact Series. It is a reliable, simple to use and durable technology.

Continuous Mode

In continuous mode the substrate is moved continuously. The print head is stationary and prints while the substrate is moving.

Intermittent Mode

In this printing mode the substrate is moved intermittently. The print head is moved over the substrate by the printer while the substrate is stationary.


Thermal transfer printing always results in a sharp, clear image without compromising print speed or production output, and it eliminates any costs associated with harmful waste or storage of consumables.




All EASYPRINT printers use the simple to use EasyView graphical user interface. As well as choosing messages it is also possible to create messages line side and a preview the chosen message design to  ensures that the correct code is printed on your product.